Wow! What a fab half term!

Wow!! What an exciting first half term at Saltaire Music Tuition. Here are some of the highlights of Autumn Term 1!

Welcome new students…

We have welcomed 10 new talented and enthusiastic students to Saltaire Music Tuition; adults, teenagers and children as young as 4 learning clarinet, piano or taking part in inclusive music making sessions. We also absolutely love the new ‘Dynamic Directors’ group that develops the musical skills of children age 5-8 who are home educated.

Piano Pros…

Our beginner piano students have made huge amounts of progress through determination, hard work and practice. Complete beginners now know how to find notes on the piano using ‘Dogs and Frogs’, how to use the C hand position in both hands with the correct fingering and students have also been working on developing superb ‘bridge’ hand shapes perfect to home a mouse!
Piano students have learnt a wide range of pieces using the notes C-G and beyond, using the right hand, left hand or both. They have started to add expression to their performances using dynamics, articulation and phrasing. They have also learnt to perform as part of a duet of small group.

Clever clarinettists…

Beginner clarinet lessons have covered the notes G (below middle C) to A (above middle C), using the correct mouth position for effective articulation and developing successful breathing techniques for phrasing and dynamic contrast. We have also enjoyed playing duets

Delightful Dynamic Directors…

‘Dynamic Directors’ have learnt to perform songs as a round, played some basic chords on ukulele, developed their sense of pulse and expanded their understanding of the musical alphabet and how to find these notes on the piano

Theory is fun. Yes, it really is!

Students of all ages have enjoyed using the giant stave to learn the notes of the treble and bass clef and duplo to understand note lengths and the musical alphabet. We have enjoyed consolidating our understanding of pitch, rhythm, dynamics and tempo using fun card and board games!

Music making for all…

Inclusive music making sessions have developed performing skills on the piano and drum kit and we have used GarageBand for iPad to record our work. We have enjoyed composing and improvising using the piano, GarageBand and percussion.
Saltaire Music Tuition has also provided an inclusive music making session for the charity SNAPS (Special Needs and Parent Support) in Leeds (visit for more information). The children and young people at SNAPS enjoyed singing songs based on our theme weather and we created our own weather music using piano, percussion and talking tiles!

Celebrating Success!

Well done to Sonny who completed the 30 piece challenge and Benjamin who completed the 40 piece challenge this half term. Both students were piano beginners at the beginning of the half term and have blown me away with their quick learning, commitment to practice and exceptional piano skills in such a short space of time. A number of other Saltaire Music Tuition students are very close to completing their 30 piece challenge next half term and some students are flying through their 50 days of practice challenge!

Next half term: new students, Mini Musicians, SNAPS and Christmas!

I have absolutely loved meeting lots of new students and parents this half term! I have been super impressed with the progress, enthusiasm and commitment to practice that has been demonstrated and I am already looking forward to more of this after half term! I hope to welcome many new students next half term including some younger children as part of the ‘Mini Musicians’ pre school music class (free 30 minute trial Friday 8th Nov 10am, please email to book a place). I am really looking forward to providing more inclusive music making sessions for SNAPS next half term and Saltaire Music Tuition students will be working towards our Christmas Concert on 15th December (tickets available from

Want to join us?

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