Christmas Cheer!

So many exciting Saltaire Music Tuition achievements to report this half term. Here are some of the highlights of Autumn Term 2!

The more the merrier…

We are delighted to welcome 4 new students to Saltaire Music Tuition learning piano and taking part in pre-school music classes this half term. I am excited to be nurturing the talent of these new students in 2020 along with 10 existing students making fantastic progress in their piano, clarinet and inclusive music making lessons! I have also absolutely loved seeing the Dynamic Directors home education group explore their musical understanding and grow in confidence developing their performing ability this half term and am looking forward to building on these skills in the new year!

Phenomenally progressing pianists and clever clarinettists!

Piano students have made huge amounts of progress this half term through an enthusiastic approach to learning in lessons and commitment to practice at home. Beginner pianists are now moving from playing pieces with each hand independently to playing with 2 hands together continuing to work on excellent technique with hand position and fingering.

Students are widening their repertoire exploring pieces with a greater range of notes and hand positions. They are also learning to play expressively and musically using dynamics, articulation and phrasing. We have developed ensemble performing skills as part of a duet or trio and enjoyed learning to play festive pieces for the first Saltaire Music Tuition Christmas concert.

Clarinet lessons continue to develop instrumental control by consolidating breathing technique, intonation, fingering, embouchure, articulation and dynamics. We have enjoyed performing a range of repertoire accurately, fluently, expressively and with musicality including duets and famous classical pieces!

Developing Dynamic Directors!

‘Dynamics Directors’ have made huge leaps in their musical understanding and confidence performing this half term. They are now singing with excellent projection, strumming the ukulele with a greater sense of timing and learning about rhythm using movement and percussion.

Brilliant boomwhackers and bells!

This half term students have been using Boomwhackers and Bells to develop their understanding of pulse, rhythm and pitch. We also continue to make theory fun using fun card/board games and the Note Rush app on the Ipad!

Music making for all…

Inclusive music making sessions have developed a range of composition techniques using keyboard/piano, percussion and boomwhackers. We have enjoyed creating programme music (music that tells a story) and a piece in ternary form (ABA structure where the first and last section are the same and a contrasting section is added in the middle!).

Saltaire Music Tuition has provided 2 more inclusive music making sessions for the charity SNAPS (Special Needs and Parent Support) in Leeds (visit for more information). The super talented children and young people at SNAPS enjoyed learning about the elements of music through singing and playing percussion. This half term we also launched the SNAPS ‘bring a buddy’ ukulele band which provided children with the opportunity to strum tunes with their siblings/carers and parents changing the chords for them! Our December inclusive music making session had a festive theme involving singing and playing along to our favourite Christmas tunes using percussion and bells.

Celebrating Success!

Well done to Adam and Lana who completed the 30 piece challenge this half term. Both students have worked hard to learn a number of piano pieces using each hand independently playing with excellent hand shape, the correct fingering, accuracy of rhythm and pitch as well as fluency.

We are also super proud of Hashim who earnt his Blue Peter Music badge this half term. Hashim attends the Dynamic Directors home education group and enjoys playing the ukulele and singing!

Christmas Cheer!

On Sunday 15th December we held our ‘Christmas Cheer’ concert. I am so proud of the student performances which were incredibly confident and fearless! Those involved demonstrated so many of their excellent musical skills and fantastic progress since starting their music lessons with Saltaire Music Tuition- Well done to all those involved!

Never stop learning…

This half term has also provided Sarah @Saltaire Music Tuition with some fantastic opportunities as a musician and teacher! As well as performing on piano with many Saltaire Music Tuition students in the ‘Christmas Cheer’ concert I also enjoyed the opportunity to perform with Saltaire Music Tuition junior in a concert organised by Skipton piano, guitar and singing teacher.

In my spare time I also enjoy singing with The Great Yorkshire Chorus in Saltaire. On the 20th December I enjoyed an amazing evening singing with this fantastic choir at the recently refurbished St George’s Hall in Bradford as part of the Great Yorkshire Christmas concert. I also enjoyed supporting BBC Music Day as part of The Great Yorkshire Chorus providing a fun and entertaining set with Backchat Brass at the Trinity shopping centre in Leeds.

As always there are so many new things to learn about music teaching and the students I teach and I was fortunate to attend a training course at Feversham Primary School in Bradford in November. Feversham Primary made the national news recently as it’s inspirational headteacher Naveed Idrees decided to include 3 hours a week of Music in the curriculum for all students. This has impacted on progress in English and Maths and subsequently the school has been upgraded to Outstanding by Ofsted following a previous inadequate grading. The incredible music teacher at Feversham primary provided an enlightening training session about how the Kodaly method of musical learning can be used to develop exceptional aural musicianship with a wide range of students. The course also covered teaching ideas on how movement can be combined with singing to teach pulse and rhythm. I have so many new ideas to try with all of my students which is really exciting!

Finally, I attended a really useful course by Amaze Autism about understanding Autism. One of the core values of Saltaire Music Tuition is inclusive music making and I work with a number of students who have or are awaiting an Autism diagnosis. The course provided a number of useful strategies on how to support the learning of students who have been or will be diagnosed with Autism.

Next Half term: New students, Be in a Band, SNAPS, Tiny Finger Takeoff and online learning!

It has been an absolute pleasure teaching the wide range of Saltaire Music Tuition students this half term. All instruments, ages and abilities are making huge amounts of progress, lessons are approached with excitement and enthusiasm and learning is consolidated at home through commitment to practice. I can’t wait to continue teaching all of these fantastic students in 2020!

I hope to welcome many new students next half term through the new ‘Be in Band’ after school session (FREE 30 minute trial 9th January 4.30-5.15, suitable for age 8+, please email to book a place).

I am also looking forward to launching the ‘Tiny Finger Takeoff’ pre-school piano program (email for more information).

Lessons are also available via the online learning platform Showbie (enquire within for further information).

Finally, I am really looking forward to providing more inclusive music making sessions for SNAPS next half term and I am hoping to organise a Spring concert for Saltaire Music Tuition students to work towards and provide them with another opportunity to showcase their fantastic skills.

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