GCSE Music

Looking to study GCSE Music or in need of extra support with you GCSE Music studies?

  • Sarah @ Saltaire Music Tuition has successfully taught GCSE Music for over 13 years (OCR, Edexcel and most recently AQA).
  • She is able to teach all aspects of the current AQA GCSE Music course specification from scratch or provide extra tuition to support student’s studies in school.

  • Saltaire Music Tuition can provide advice on requirements for each component of the course including…
  • Knowledge of mark schemes for performance and composition
  • Revision resources for study pieces/areas of study/music theory included in the listening/written paper.

* GCSE Music tuition can be organised virtually using Skype and/or Showbie. Please email sarah@saltairemusictuition.co.uk

£15 per half hour lesson for 1-1 tuition
£30 per hour for 1-1 tuition.

10% discount for siblings/parents and children having separate individual lessons.
10% discount for half termly block booking.

Discounts available for group lessons. Please contact sarah@saltairemusictuition.co.uk for further details.

Payments to be made using cash or bank transfer at the beginning of each half termly block or at the beginning of any ‘one off’ lesson.

N.B: ‘Private’ candidates intending on sitting GCSE Music are responsible for making their own entry through a school or college and paying the fees associated with this

Why Study GCSE Music?

GCSE Music develops a vast number of skills which makes learners versatile and desirable to potential employees and higher educations courses.

It combines arts, humanities, maths, science and sociology.

It fosters creativity which supports problem solving.

Learning a musical instrument demonstrates dedication and commitment to practice.

Performing on an instrument develops confidence which can help with future job/university interviews. 

What ever you age or what ever your goal studying GCSE Music is enjoyable, hugely satisfying and a great qualification to have on your CV!