Music Tuition

Saltaire Music Tuition can offer 1-1 or small group lessons teaching clarinet, beginners piano or keyboard skills. All ages and abilities welcome! Working towards exams or just for fun!
Lessons located in Shipley, West Yorkshire.

“Saltaire Music Tuition covers a range of musical genres to suit your musical interests and goals with an emphasis on technical skill development, performing accurately and fluently, using dynamics and articulation to perform with expression and most importantly performing confidently on your chosen instrument.
Lessons also cover ensemble performing skills in addition to skill development as a solo performer.
Relevant music theory and how to practice effectively is embedded into all lessons.”

Sarah-founder of Saltaire Music Tuition

Saltaire Music Tuition is always looking for performing opportunities for students in the local area- a great opportunity to show off those fantastic skills! 

£15 per half hour lesson for 1-1 tuition 
30 per hour for 1-1 tuition.

First 30 minute assessment lesson FREE.

Sessions in Music theory are also available priced as above. These sessions can be tailored to meet the need of students and can range from covering how to read music notation, rhythm/metre, key signatures and basic harmony moving towards (and beyond) the grade 5 ABRSM theory exam. 

* Music theory tuition can be organised virtually using Skype and/or Showbie. Please email

Looking to learn how to write your own music and songs? Saltaire Music Tuition can help you get started! 
Half hour and hour long sessions (priced as above) can guide you through using chords/harmony and melody/scales within a range of structures to produce your own instrumental pieces/songs in a range of styles. 
Subject to software and equipment availability Saltaire Music Tuition can also help you record and develop your composition ideas using GarageBand for iPad.

10% discount for siblings/parents and children having separate individual lessons.
10% discount for half termly block booking. 

Discounts available for group lessons. Please contact for further details.